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Braxton Automotive offers customers a full range of automotive repairs for their luxury vehicles.

Atlantic Station, GA

Atlantic Station is a relatively new neighborhood on the northwestern edge of Midtown Atlanta, GA. It covers a total of 138 acres on the former site of the Atlantic Steel mill.

First planned in the mid-1990s and officially opened in 2005, Atlantic Station is made up of three distinct areas: the District, the Commons and the Village. This covers everything from retail and office space, to condominiums and apartment buildings. Atlantic Station was financed largely by private investment, and buildings were designed with energy efficiency in mind. The community was built to offset urban sprawl and reduce air pollution by allowing residents to live and work within walking distance.

Braxton Automotive has been serving Atlantic Station drivers of European vehicles since 1998, and now we offer our same excellent service for Asian vehicles at our second nearby location. We’re ready to meet your auto repair needs with the highest standards of quality. Braxton Automotive won’t be your cheapest auto repair option, because you can’t get the highest-quality work for the lowest price. What you’ll always get from us are high-quality, properly sourced parts, along with our experience to reduce your costs wherever we can. We look forward to seeing you at either of our two shops on the northside of Atlanta off I-75.

Personable, Friendly Service

Car repair is probably not the most exciting thing on your to-do list. We like to make it a little more bearable by welcoming you by name, getting to know you with some conversation and sending you on your way with a smile. We'll follow-up with you throughout the day and greet you with a smile when your day is over and you're ready to pick up your car. Service does not stop when your vehicle leaves; we follow-up with your service when your car is gone, remind you when service/recommendations are due and we look forward to picking up where we left off with our last conversation on your next visit.

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